Three Mamas on a Mission

Three Mamas
on a Mission

Löwenzahn Organics is an organic baby food company based in Berlin, offering the highest quality in formula and weaning cereals for babies. Our foods have been tested in an independent laboratory and are certified by Demeter, EU-Bio organic regulations and other German quality seals.

After entering the world of motherhood, our three founders Liz Sauer Williamson, Carmen Lazos Wilmking and Alice Mrongovius began their mission to create a new standard for organic baby foods. Together they shared a passion to offer their toddlers and newborns the same in terms of taste, quality and way of production we as adults enjoy. By blending the best organic produce together with the latest nutritional science standards and product origin traceability, Löwenzahn Organics has created products for parents to feel confident in their feeding choices for the first time.

All our ingredients are sourced from a small circle of trusted and certified suppliers and we are the first in the industry to offer 100% transparency on our products with our unique traceability code.